We take great pride in providing our clients the highest quality B2B sales leads in the industry. Our Marketing Qualified leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) are sure to make a difference for your business.

Marketing Qualified Lead Generation

Exclusive Partner Lead Program

Our Exclusive Partner Lead Program is the ultimate customized prospecting program. Targeting a specific vertical? Going after your old nemesis with a competitive displacement promo? Rolling out a new product introduction program? You name it, we will craft our database to meet your objectives. We work one on one with you to fine tune the scripting as well as other key integration points such as e-campaigns or other demand generation activities to insure that our Exclusive Lead Program is tailored to your requirements and delivers the finest Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Sales ualified leads

Target Market Lead Program

Our Target Market Lead Program is focused on being dedicated to our client’s long term success. Many of our competitors will run a one time campaign that sounds great in terms of “activity” and “pipeline” but when it comes to delivering sales results these offerings far too often disappoint. With our Target Market Lead Program, you define your target market both in terms of geography and solution. In turn, we become your partner prospecting on behalf of your business. This allows us to develop sales intelligence and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) that will pay dividends for your organization for years to come and to maintain a focus on what really counts which is driving sales results.

We work with you to achieve results!

B2B Lead generation is the initial step in the sales cycle. To generate B2B sales leads successfully, you need to carefully analyze your target market and devise a strategy that will engage decision makers within that market.

Whether you have a broad picture in mind, or want to target a specific market niche, we offer our lead generation services through two outstanding programs that are sure to make a difference to your business. With a combined experience of over 100 years, we generate highly qualified business to business sales opportunities to help B2B companies drive revenue.

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