5 Ways to get Past the Gatekeeper

The first step in B2B lead generation is to get in touch with the correct individual, but that can be tricky. One of the biggest obstacles any salesperson encounters is a gatekeeper, and failing to get through to your prospect can be one of the quickest ways to cut a lead short. Sales intelligence is critical in being able to identify the right people and being able to reach them. Without prior knowledge of who you need to speak to and how to contact them, it can be nearly impossible to find someone with the authority and decision-making capabilities to handle your call. But once you have that information, you can use these steps to navigate past a gatekeeper and successfully contact your prospect.

Call your contact’s direct line or extension

Try your best to find your prospect’s contact information. Seems obvious, right? But this kind of sales intelligence will streamline the process and make your job a lot easier, as knowing this information allows you to skip straight to your prospect without the hassle of dealing with a gatekeeper.

Use the automated attendant

If you don’t have a direct line or extension to call, using an automated attendant also allows you to navigate directly to your prospect.

Ask for your contact by first name

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. So, we can’t always avoid the gatekeeper. If you find yourself on the phone with a receptionist or secretary, ask for your prospect by first name, as if you know them personally. It is absolutely essential that you project confidence. In this step, confidence is key; without it, you will find yourself at a dead end.

Page the contact or ask to be transferred to their mobile device

In the event that your contact cannot be reached, ask the gatekeeper to page or locate your contact. Chances are, they’ll find your prospect and put you on the phone with them.  If this fails, you can still get in touch with a prospect on their mobile device. Although this has seemed intrusive, it isn’t in today’s world; executives often take work calls on their mobile device. Contacting their mobile phones may also give you a quicker, easier way to follow up with your prospect in the future.

Try to speak with an assistant or associate

If the person you want to speak with is unavailable, you might be able to speak to one of their associates instead; ask the gatekeeper if there is anyone who works closely with your contact that you can speak with. Try to reach someone else within the department or someone else who might also have the authority and decision-making capabilities to handle your call.  Ask the receptionist who else might work with the contact on this type of project

Having good sales intelligence is a great way to start off your prospecting efforts.   Always remember that prospecting for B2B sales opportunities will be a challenge, but if you are persistent and apply the techniques noted above, success will be yours.

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