Tips to Uncover Qualified Leads

According the latest sales leads stats, it has been concluded that almost 95% of all prospects who visit your website are just passing time and browsing aimlessly. Under the right conditions, up to 70% eventually end up making a purchase. This indicates that a majority of your leads are just sitting there waiting to be tapped.

Of course, not all of these leads are dormant. Each of your leads are actually at a certain stage in the sales process, and it is your responsibility to take the appropriate steps to increase your prominence in their eyes.

You are probably aware of many ways to keep your leads fresh and keep them coming, and yet, many sales representatives aren’t necessarily the best individuals based on time or interest to follow up on leads on an ongoing basis.

Here are some of the top ways you can use to uncover qualified leads:

Have a Clear, Precise, Compelling Call-To-Action

Many marketers and sales leaders fail to understand the importance of a quality, compelling call-to-action. The right call-to-action can help motivate your prospects enough to lead to conversions. Choose interesting call-to-actions that motivate your prospects. These call-to-actions can enhance your demand generation efforts and result in an increase in web form submissions. When looking to enhance your B2B lead generation efforts and increase sales appointments, the right call-to-action will help you boost conversion rates, engage existing leads further, and generate new ones!

Go for Quality Content

Nothing can help you build qualified leads like amazing content. You should strive for legitimate content that people love reading. In addition to outstanding written content you should use videos,webcasts, white papers, and other well-researched, genuine pieces of content that will have readers hooked and will increase the chance of conversion.

Nurture Leads in Your Database

One of the best ways to uncover qualified leads is by nurturing your existing prospect database. Your database plays an important role in helping you come up with good leads. Focus on utilizing your content to build and maintain relationships with your clients. This will help you gain valuable sales insight, and boost sales by as much as 50% and lower your per-lead costs. An integrated approach of sales prospecting, email marketing, and social media strategies will help you keep in touch with your prospects so that you are able to generate new sales leads.

If you are looking for quality sales leads that help boost business and maximize growth, be sure to call us! We offer high quality, qualified sales leads to our clients.

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